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tv   Cashin In  FOX Business  August 28, 2016 3:30am-4:01am EDT

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it lost its deal with costco. it's on the rebound. >> i like the dif vevidend. >> keep it right here. the number one business continues. have you considered using facebook instead of e-mail? >> actually, actually, i think that's really good advice. >> hillary clinton joking with jimmy kick mmel, facing new scrutiny around her e-mail scandal. he has to be concerned about how this will impact her in the general election, right? >> the state department said they have to release 15,000 e-mails by the deadline. there are a couple days before the debate. are you concerned? >> no. >> hillary says she's not worried but she should be? should she be laughing about it? hi, everyone. welcome to "cashing in."
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we have a crew this week. welcome, everyone. katie, all the e-mail scandals. ha, ha, ha. >> so funny. >> i'm not worried. should she be worried? >> one thing i think we have to laugh about, actually, is that an episode of "teen mom" and a rerun of "friends" got more attention than kimmel's hillary appearance. he should regret having her on the show. a new poll is out, showing her untrustworthy numbers are at 69%. this is the one major thing that has been dogging clinton more than a year now. trying to get people to trust her. when she laughs about a very serious matter, laughs about the fbi finding 15,000 additional e-mails, i think more people are going to pay attention wiki leeks is going to drop in october. >> also, the fbi demanded more e-mails, want her to produce more e-mails and giving her until the middle of september.
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security materials? obviously, she's gotten an f in that category. >> david, you can't be laughing at this. you are a democratic supporter. can't be laughing at the e-mail scandals that keep happening. origin originally, clinton scrubbed b 30,000 e-mails. the fbi found 15,000 that you
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said never existed. >> it is amazing to hear the commentary thus far. yet, the poll that katie wants to forget about is the poll showing hillary clinton ten points above donald trump. secondly, katie even neglects to mention that donald trump's untrustworthiness is way higher than anything we've seen with hillary clinton. >> let's stay on hillary. katie points out accurately her untrustworthy and honesty numbers are in the tank. >> we're in an election with two candidates and more. we're talking about hillary and donald. so i just want to remind the viewers what the other -- my fellow panelists are not reminding them of. >> i'll remind you that the segment was about hillary laughing all e-mail scandals. i'll bring it to kaitlyn. should she be laughing or is this the drip that will fill up the pool? >> she shouldn't be laughing. she should handle it the way she
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did in a cnn interview later that week. when she reminded people that she apologized for having the server. she's trying to move on this week by deflecting to donald trump, trying to get the attention away from her and the e-mails and the clinton foundation controversy and focus on donald trump. that's what we'll be seeing from both campaigns the next 2 1/2 months. we're not going to see each side address the issues they're facing. it is a battle to make this race a referendum on the other. that's how this is going to play out. >> so we hit e-mail scandals and also have a lot of clinton foundation fodder to play around with. the interesting part about this is as the e-mails are read through and parsed, you're finding more and more possible corruption with the clinton foundation. >> that's why we have mounting evidence. the fbi is, in fact, investigating the clinton foundation for public corruption. on its face, it looks very bad. this week, we saw e-mails produced by judicial watch
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showing huma abedin has been working for the clintons since the '90s, now on the campaign. denied meetings to individuals who wanted official access to secretary clinton. rerouted them to the clinton foundation. they then donated massive sums of money to the foundation. all of a sudden, they got official access to secretary clinton. i mean, that is corruption. using the taxpayer entity -- >> can i ask -- >> hold on, david. >> it's why the e-mails are important. we're finding things within these e-mails that have tentacles throughout the clinton foundation, the clintons themselves. go ahead, david. >> i have to ask, you mentioned the word corruption. i haven't seen, nor has the fbi, nor in the reporting of the ap -- >> you haven't? >> faulty reporting. >> you haven't seen anything? no pay to play? no quid pro quo? i'll give you a lot of them. >> sure. >> i'll give you one.
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crown prince of bahrain drops money into the clinton foundation and got a meeting which was prior said, she's not ready to meet with you. drops the money and he gets the access. >> every congress and every senator that takes any money in contributions should not meet with those donors? >> if they're doing it -- if they're giving it after the money. they're doing quid pro quo, as well. yes, sir, i agree. >> no quid pro quo. >> let me bring in mercedes. >> by the here. >> let's hear the facts. >> i mean, it looks -- the appearance is bad. the perception is bad. >> now we're moving to appearance from fact. come on now, mercedes. come on. give me t clinton foundation
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and the state department -- >> or others in the united states -- >> david, david. >> -- it's absolutely done. >> the ap is reporting. they took out the unofficial state department business. >> that's right. >> took the official stuff aside and said the stuff that people wanted to meet with clinton about, 50% were granted access were donors into the clinton foundation. i mean, people are buying access. by the way, i don't think they denied the access part, but i think they should deny -- >> real quick. >> they should deny the -- david, listen. listen to me. >> i'm hoping you're listening to me, too.
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>> eric -- >> there were deals done after the donations were made. >> let me hear a deal. >> algeria. boeing did a deal with russia. russia did a deal with uranium one. >> that's global commerce. come on! >> no, not if it's at the expense of the free market. go ahead. >> eric, if i can get in and make a point here. let's not forget in july, hillary clinton said nothing i did as secretary of state had anything to do with the clinton foundation. we now know that that is not true. the question becomes, when hillary clinton says she deleted 30,000 e-mails that she deemed personal, did she think that business regarding the clinton foundation should be classified as personal? that's question. >> there are a lot of questions here, which is a reason why hillary clinton should have a press conference and address all of these issues for all of us. that's my bipartisan take. >> how about a conference on trump's tax returns?
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>> i agree with that, too. >> we ran out of time. sorry. coming up, trump slammed for his softer stance on illegal immigration. is the gop nominee damned no matter what he does? we debate, you decide. >> they have to pay taxes. there's no amnesty.
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everywhere i go, i get the same reaction. they want toughness. they want firmness. they want to obey the law. but, but, they feel that throwing them out as a whole family when they've been here a long time, it is a tough thing. they do feel that. >> donald trump defending his softer stance on deporting illegal immigrants. he still wants a wall and no families who have been here a long time. mercedes, they diss donald for being too harsh and bash him for being rhetoric,
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still walking about building the wall, but also realistic approach. massive deportation of 11 million illegals in america, that is practically impossible to do. it's trying to find the balanced approach. i think here has to be the fact that you do find that question, that big question, what do you do with the 11 million undocumented workers that are here in the u.s., how do you handle that? that has always been one of the most complicated issues for the republican party and their leaders to address. >> can donald trump win you over with the softer stance on deportation of illegals? >> i don't think this is about me. i think anyone who is surprised about donald trump changing his stance should have seen this coming from miles away. let's not forget in 2012, mitt
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romney made his comments about self-deportation. donald trump said that was mean spirited. yes, he's changing his position to a more mainstream position. according to research, 72% of americans don't want people to be deported en masse, as suggested in the primary. doesn't mean he shouldn't be held accountable for changing his stance on the issue, because he is. >> you like it better than the original stance, right? yes or no? >> as mercedes said, i think immigration is a difficult issue. complicated issue. i like his -- i'll give him credit when he talks about getting out criminal illegal aliens, violent criminals who committed crimes in this country. that happens every single day, by the way. who are then deported and come back. i like his border security plan. you can't deny that he has changed. >> no denying. >> jeb bush and marco rubio deserve a little credit for trump's plan. they said the same thing. >> i don't think we can definitively say that donald trump has changed a position.
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i don't think we know where he is on this issue. day by day, it seems to change one way or another. by the end of the week, he was talking in interviews about people being allowed to -- sending people out and then having them come back in. so that involves deportation of some kind. he hasn't specified exactly what he's going to do. his campaign spent a week talking about ways in which they're thinking about addressing these sorts of things. you have to break down the immigration issue into two parts. there is the wall, border security. something he hasn't back aidwed from. he's been adequate about that in rallies. in interviews, his campaign says some things, donald trump says some things on the issue of deformation. candidates evolve all the time, right? i don't like that word but that's what we see in politics. this is someone who has built an entire campaign on the issue of immigration. the fact that we're 2, 2 1/2
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months away from the election and you have a campaign still figuring out its policy on immigration, you know, is something to highlight. >> david, your thoughts? >> my thoughts are, and i'd like to stick on the evolution piece. look, he's had 30 years of evolon't know what i was going to say, mercedes. >> from the time he hired undocumented workers to tear down the building where now the trump tower stands, and keeping pay away from them, to the tune of hundreds of thousands of dollars, to now having a policy of a wall, to now being a little softer. come on, what is the policy as has been mentioned or asked? i believe that, okay, he's going to be softer. >> evolving politician, you don't like, david? i'm sure barack obama was
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against gay marriage when he was elected marriage. i'm pretty sure he's for it now. >> he's gotten people scared about his evolution. rush limbaugh is going, who would have thought he would have brought on amnesty. you have the author of "in trump we trust," who said immigration would be the policy he stood most by. here he is evolving. >> mercedes and katie, quick thoughts, very fast, on the economy. the economic fallout of the new, softer stance. >> well, it doesn't jive with his argument that we need more americans to have jobs. the fact is that illegal immigrants take away jobs from hispanics in mostly minority communities. if he says the illegal immigrants stay here, how is he going to square that with saying we need more americans to do jobs in america rather than the people who are here illegally? >> you have to boost the economy. if you have a 1.1% gdp growth like we're seeing time and time
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again, especially in the last quarter, you realize that there needs to be substance stial ecoc growth. provide more jobs for americans in our country. >> i think that he hasn't really been talking about the economy. i think if he were to focus on that and wrap it in the issue of immigration, perhaps that would be a good way to go. we haven't seen a message on that recently. >> david? >> high-tech community, silicon valley, they rely extremely on immigration. from all around the world. for technology development and so forth. creating jobs and improving our economy. i'm all for it. immigration with a process. >> leave it there. the university of chicago getting a plus for flunking political correctness. the school telling students, there is no place for your safe place. should more schools do the same?  woman: i rescued toast from a shelter in 2011.
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i love toast because she's a lazy diva. [camera's shutter clicking] toast makes me laugh. [snoring] [laughs] when i walked into the shelter, i knew she was special. [toast snoring]
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correction dude, you broke. i just threw the ball. this is really bad. what are we going to do? dude, kiss your life goodbye. let's go. ♪oh. keep smiling, keep shining♪ ♪knowing you can always count on me, for sure♪ hi ♪knowing you can always count on me, for sure♪ tell him it was an accident and we can fix the window. ♪knowing you can always count on me, for sure♪ i'll come with you. ♪woah, that's what friends are for♪
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injured during this incident. safe space and toss it. we do not condone the creation of intellectual safe spaces. there is hope for america. >> i think people should always
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be exposed to lots of different views and perspectives and be able to express their own. i think this is a good idea. >> david, an institution pushing back on safe spaces. >> i think it's safe to say safe spaces is a very good idea given the rise in cyber bullying, there should be this available to students. i'm all for it. >> they are pushing back on it.. the intolerant left goes after those conservative speakers. we saw i the liberal academia. i think this is a bold and smart move by the university of chicago. >> i am on college campuses all the time. you wouldn't imagine things told to the students. they might hear what i have to say and it might hurt them. >> a great idea.
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students are going to be better off and more correctly diverse and prepared for the real world as a result. >> amen. the real victims of the clinton foundation scandal.
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i want to say thanks to our cashin crew for joining us. time to wake up, america. for a very long time i warned that the investigation into the clinton foundation would expose damning evidence that the clintons operate at a level we mere americans aren't allowed to operate at. i reported on the likely corruption, pay-to-play and we are finding more evidence former president was working with the highest american diplomat his wife and appearing to sell --
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let me rephrase that, trade governments in exchange for massive amounts of money dropped into their foundation. when president obama appointed hillary as the top diplomatic liaison representing american interests abroad, he was so worried about the potential for conflicts of interests, he instructed her to set up a advisory committee to make sure there was no trading of access going on. clintons operated this way for decades, travelgate, watergate, white house furniture gone missing on and on. here's the point. the clintons are greedy. they love money. they love money so much they've been accused of ignoring ethics and laws to rake in more and more money. while regular americans like you and i struggle to keep our families fed and clothed, they are bendingaw ls of ethics to become richer and richer while inner city minority are growing poorer and poorer, clintons are buying estates in new york,
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embassy row in d.c. and private planes and chauffeur-driven limos. there are single moms working two jobs to get their kids in >> good evening, everybody. i'm lou dobbs. hillary clinton already mired in her e-mail and clin tin foundation scandals today plunged her campaign into the dregs of racial politics. facing rising media attention on the clinton cartel and her growing play for pay throughout her campaign and the clinton foundation. she is trying to deflect by calling donald trump and his millions of supporters racist. listen to her pathetic, ugly invective and indecency. >> from the start donald trump has built


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